Friday, January 29, 2010

so far, no snow

The kids are home, yet again, for a snow day. I'm looking outside at some very brown grass, overcast skies and wondering if/when the snow, sleet, ice etc will arrive. I understand the decision to close the schools today; a lot of rural areas will get dicey if the wet stuff comes down considering it is quite cold outside. And the last thing anyone wants is a bunch of school buses or teen drivers on the road if it does get icy.

So for right now, the girls are hovering waiting to get their hands on this laptop. The boy is upstairs in bed reading. I'm working on laundry and getting ready to put some beef roasts in the oven for supper tonight and for easy to eat meals over the weekend.

I am reading Tracy Chevalier's latest book, "Remarkable Creatures." I love her writing. Reading one of her books is sort of like eating a really good dessert. You want to slow down and savor every delicious and complex spoonful, but it is so darn good that it is hard to do that. She crafts some amazing sentences that flow into wonderful paragraphs then morph into compelling chapters and memorable books. She brings the past to life and her characterization is breathtaking and heartbreaking all at once.

Enjoy the weekend.

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Kim Smith said...

This book sounds awesome! Hope u all fared well during the big ice storm of 2010 :)