Friday, February 5, 2010

fabulous friday

For a school week that was only four days instead of five due to the ice storm, it sure has been a long week.

The youngest kid brought home the gold from last night's science fair. He earned a first place medal in the Physical Science category for his experiment with probability. Hubby and I were so happy for him and he was thrilled. His medal trumps the medals the older two kids earned. Guess hubby is getting better at helping put together a medal earning project as the oldest earned a third place ribbon and the middle kid earned a second place ribbon. Practice makes perfect. Now the project goes off to the county fair.

I hauled the oldest kid off to the family doc yesterday as her ankle just wasn't improving quick enough to suit me. The doctor agreed and today she sees an orthopedic doc. X-rays showed that while the ankle does not have a fracture of any sort, it does appear upon manipulation of the joint that she has some ligament or tendon damage....just how serious is the issue. She has no pain walking or even moving the foot or joint. The doctor said it will most likely just require some physical therapy and resting it, but wanted an expert opinion. My guess is no soccer for 6 weeks.

Middle kid is going to see a student written high school play tonight with a friend. Hubby and I have a 'date' for a church function/fundraiser tomorrow night.

Not sure what else is in store for the weekend, but I'm hoping it doesn't include any precipitation. Happy Weekend!

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