Wednesday, February 3, 2010

mid week

Boy the past month went fast. I can't believe I have my second Friends of the Library meeting today. The agenda is complete. The 2009 annual reports are printed. I need to fold them this morning. I've looked over all our government forms and now know why the form I sent to Nashville was rejected. It looks to be a problem with the word 'the.' I used it and legally that is not our name, we are Friends of XXXX not Friends of THE XXXX. Seriously. I will be making a phone call this morning to confirm my suspicions. Argh. Ugh.

The whole fam damily watched the premiere for Lost. Season six is underway after a two hour episode with a one hour preshow to remind us how we got to this point. Fun to watch it with the kids as theories and ideas flowed pretty quickly during commercial breaks.

I'm still reading "The White Mare." Hope to finish it today, I'm very close to the end. Of course, this is the first book in a trilogy, which means I want to read the other three books, and none of our local libraries have them. Not sure if I will be buying them off B&N or Amazon just yet. May have to look in the store stocking closet and see if they are in there as that is where I found this first one.

I do want to make a trip to the bookstore and get Kate Collins' latest Flowershop Mystery! Such cute cozy books and the new arrival, "Sleeping with Anemone" sounds adorable. I can then pass it along to the Library so they have a complete series.

But, up first, lots of coffee. Stayed up past my bedtime watching the antics of Sawyer, Kate, Jack, Sayid and the rest......and just have to say, total eye candy treat to see Ian Somerhalder make a guest appearance as Boone last night. The oldest two and I were quite happy to see him.

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