Monday, February 22, 2010

The Betrayal of the Blood Lily

I finally finished Lauren Willig's latest mystery, history, romance book. It took me a while to read this one, but that shouldn't reflect on the quality of the story. Willig crafts a fine tale, I just wasn't in the mood to read until yesterday. The sunny days we had, until the rains moved back in the area on Sunday, weren't conducive to enjoying a good book.

Willig's novels focus on a doctoral student named Eloise who is doing research in England about English spies and their French counterparts during the Napoleonic era. So, we actually get two stories, Eloise's thread and then the bulk of the book centers on the spy her research has uncovered. This time Eloise's research leads us to India, a nice change of pace from the previous books which were all set in either England or France. All the novels have recurring characters in both the present and past threads, so it would be best to start with the first book and read on from there.

Good stuff.

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