Tuesday, February 2, 2010

bullet dodged

When I traipsed off to the eye doc yesterday, I figured I'd leave the office with a prescription for bifocals. Yet, much to my surprise, I don't need them yet! I guess when you are as near sighted as I am, that bifocal due date is pushed back by years. Finally a perk to being blind. I do have a slight vision change and an astigmatism adjustment, so new glasses are in order. I will be heading to Costco today to pick out some new frames. I really like my current ones and am hoping to find something very similar. I'd get new lenses in these old frames if I could, but I can't be without my current eyewear for 7-10 days.

I'm still reading "The White Mare." Middle kid finished the final (sob,sniff) Georgia book over the snow days in addition to writing her essay on Animal Farm. Oldest kid did a ton of Algebra II homework and read what she is calling the most hateful book ever, "The Poisonwood Bible." Both kids read "The Bean Trees" by Kingsolver and liked it, but TPB is not making the short list. So, this year I get to listen to the oldest complain about it, next year the middle kid will voice her discontent. Youngest kid is plowing through the Harry Potter series, finally, so he can rack up AR points at school.

"Lost" has its season premiere tonight, and we have already carved out our TV watching time to see what sort of craziness those writers can throw our way.

I think we will be back to what passes for normal around here today as the kids return to school, where they most assuredly belong, and I enjoy a day where I don't have to referee laptop, Wii or TV time plus monitor the pillaging of the pantry and fridge.

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