Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I just love Netflix. Yesterday in the mail two new DVDs were delivered, another disc in the first season of Supernatural and then Julie & Julia. The girls and I watched J&J last night and had a ball. Cute movie, good acting and ahhhh, the Paris scenes made us all want to catch the next plane and go back. The scene in front of Shakespeare & Co. made us laugh as we remembered our quest to find that bookstore.

I just recently added a bunch of titles to my queue, some of the movies aren't released yet, but I've slotted them in line. We are averaging about two movies a week, and I love the convenience of them arriving and departing via the mailbox.

Pouring rain moved in just in time for me to wake up. I enjoy falling asleep to the sound of rain, but loathe waking in a thunderstorm. I feel groggy all day when that happens and think I should take multiple naps.

Looks like it will be a good day to sit in the kitchen and work on the laptop. I have several things I need to take care of and may as well use the inclement weather as a nudge to finish them.

Happy Wednesday.

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