Friday, January 15, 2010

switching books

After my meeting at the library yesterday, I scanned the 'new book' shelf and came away with two titles. Then I drove to pick up hubby from the auto repair shop, had to wait a bit for him, and wound up reading. So, I have set aside "Agnes and the Hitman" for the moment so I can read Laurell K. Hamilton's latest Merry Gentry novel "Divine Misdemeanors."

Couldn't help myself. Once I got started in Merry's world, going back to the flamingo themed wedding shenanigans of Agnes' world just wasn't a priority! Merry has a mystery to solve, a pregnancy to cope with, as well as assorted other issues to deal with in this novel.

These books are always a quick read, so I figure I will be back to finish the Agnes book before the weekend is out.

Today is Costco day. I have a list, a plan and the will to get it done! Tonight is Winter Fest...first high school dance for the middle kid. She's excited as the the older one, should be a wild time as they hustle about getting ready to leave.

Happy Friday.

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Kim Smith said...

I have edits sent in to editor on Mirror and after my radio show tonight, will have to clean like mad for guests coming in from out of town. Hope you have a great weekend!