Tuesday, January 19, 2010

when tuesday feels like monday

Having Monday off means a break in the normal routine and a nice three day weekend for the kids to enjoy. Then Tuesday comes and it feels like Monday and the rest of the week is all out of sorts. I'll cope with the odd flow of the remaining weekdays, because that extra day of 'rest' was appreciated.

This is project time for the kids. Lots of school projects for English, Science, Math etc. It makes the third quarter a bear, but it also makes the days fly.

I have Friends projects I should be working on, but I'm having a hard time getting geared up for them. I need to dig deep and get to work.

Yesterday I began a new book by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. She has been writing about Count Saint Germain for decades now. The book I'm reading is number 23 in his story and it appears she has no intention of stopping as she referred to number 24 in the dedication.

Beef stroganoff for dinner. No soccer tonight. Quick trip to the grocery store. Quick trip to the Library.

But first, the dog needs walking and I need to stretch my legs. Happy Tuesday.

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