Friday, January 1, 2010

a new year

2010. It seems a bit surreal to type that number. Sort of like it is the harbinger of some major scientific discovery. Who knows what the new year will bring? Some good things, some bad things, some things that may not reveal their nature until later on down the road.

I actually stayed awake until it was midnight in New York, was able to see the ball drop and enjoy a toast with my hubby. Thank goodness for the one hour difference!!

When I was fresh out of college I used to sit down and write a recap sheet of all the things I had done the previous year and the goals I had for the new one on New Year's day. Then one year, shortly after hubby and I were married, my purse was stolen at the library and all those sheets were lost. I had kept them in my wallet. Once those were gone, I didn't keep up the habit.

Now that I have the blog, I do keep track of the books I have read. I need to count the listings today or tomorrow, write a recap and then get ready to put up a list for 2010. I also need to transfer info to my new 2010 calendar that hangs in the kitchen.

Beyond that, today is going to be a quiet day, we may take down some of the holiday decorations to lighten the work load for tomorrow. We have soup and munchies planned for food. I'd like to hit the bookstore for a while. I may work on my puzzle.

Maybe I will make one of those lists again like I used to. It is a good thing to take stock of where you've been and to think about where you'd like to go. Here's to a good 2010!


Elizabeth said...

yes, make a list and keep stock, I do, usually get to it a couple months later, but hope to do it earlier than later this year, right after I write in our family thanksgiving book, lol!

cheers to a new year and lots of good reads my friend, and good health!

Kim Smith said...

Happy New Year Liz! Hope it brings you all things good and great. I will be posting some big news soon, (i hope!) stayed tuned!