Monday, January 25, 2010


We had a lovely Sunday dinner yesterday and a truly enjoyable weekend. Saturday I was able to watch both my girls play soccer, against each other, and play really well. That is always so much fun. The camaraderie withing this group of girls is a joy to watch. We enjoyed some great football yesterday. I'm reading a really good book. Hubby and youngest worked on a science fair project. It was just a lovely weekend full of good things.

So, today it is time to pay the piper and I need to give our home a thorough cleaning. Never quite got around to it last week other than spot cleaning a few spots. I imagine it will take the better portion of my child free time. Well, those four hours go fast no matter what I am doing.

I received a nice note from our local newspaper editor regarding the annual report I compiled and the article I submitted regarding our Friends group. Looks like she will be using it in a future edition. Our Library is hosting two YA authors tomorrow. I'm very excited about this as these two ladies are NYT bestsellers and now that the effort has been made to secure them, who knows who else we can get to swing by our place while they are in the area. Hope word spreads about how awesome we are!!

So, it was a lovely weekend and I have high hopes for just as good of a week.

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