Thursday, January 21, 2010

count saint-germain

I finished "Burning Shadows" last night while I waited for the middle kid to finish at soccer conditioning. So, there I sat in my mini van, in a mostly dark parking lot under one of two lights, reading about a Hun attack on a Dacian monastery in the year 439.

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's books are always full of interesting historical and religious tidbits as she exposes her 2500 year old vampire to a variety of 'dangers.' Yes, Saint-Germain is already 2500 years undead in the year 439....he's seen a lot already. Probably my favorite part of this book is that Yarbro included Atta Olivia Clemens in the story. Olivia is a roman widow, brought to Saint-Germain's life several centuries earlier. Because Yarbro jumps around in time with these stories, she is able to resurrect characters that have 'died' in books published years ago.

I wonder if these stories are making a comeback and sort of expect to see the earlier Saint-Germain books republished with new covers and new blurbs. No reason Yarbro shouldn't cash in on the vampire craze now even though she has been writing this Count's story for the past 20 plus years.

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