Monday, January 4, 2010

First book of the new year

The middle kid and I ventured out to B&N on Saturday to purchase 2010 calendars and assorted other things we couldn't live without. Included in that would be the latest Georgia Nicholson book by Louise Rennison. I credit Georgia and her creator for sparking an interest in reading within my oldest child. Ten books later, Georgia is still as hilarious as ever and still on the "rack of luuurrve." "Are these my basoomas I see before me," is the final book in the series and we will miss the entire Ace gang and all of their antics. I hope Rennison has other books in her head and other endearing characters waiting backstage for their debuts.

Because I'm a lazy girl, I didn't enter in each title in the book series I read this past year. I clumped them all together and left it at that. Doing a quick scan and a quick count, I easily passed the 100 book mark again. It was a good reading year and with the excellent start I made over the weekend, 2010 looks to be a good one as well.

I also finished "The Fruit of her Hands" by Michelle Cameron over the weekend. Wonderful book that fictionalizes the true story of a famous Jewish rabbi's wife's story from the middle ages. The persecution of the Jewish people by the Church was horrific and was widespread not only in continental Europe but also in England.

Today is the day I've set aside to go through all the presidential stuff for the Friends and make my lists, take care of some things and basically get myself in order for our meeting on Wednesday. I also have some PR things to do for them and other miscellaneous duties. I hope it doesn't take all day, but I'm prepared in case it does.

The vacation is over. Time to get back to reality.

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Kim Smith said...

Hope your week flies by!