Wednesday, January 6, 2010

and here we are

I have my first meeting as president of the Friends of the Library today. Wow. Hard to believe that I've been technically 'out of a job' for three years now, because it sure seems like I've been busier than when I collected a paycheck. Yes, I left employment with the library three years ago and on the first day after my official last day, I joined the Friends. I've been working ever since.

But, I do love our library and the whole concept of libraries in general, so while I may not get paid in dollars, I do get paid in other ways.

I've been compiling our 2009 annual report and am always amazed, excited and proud of what this group has done. Every single active member contributes. We put on amazing book sales. The book store is thriving and serves a need in our community for inexpensive reading materials as well as a place to connect with other readers. We have raised money to make visible improvements to not only the library's collections, but also to the library's comfort level for users and employees.

I've made some dear friends through this group. I've grown from knowing them and am a better person today than I was three years ago from the experiences I've had.

So, at 1:00 today, I wield the gavel for the first time....wish me luck!

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