Thursday, January 14, 2010

crazy cooks and books

I jumped from the Tudors in merry old England to the rundown southern plantation home of a crazy cook and her assorted nutty mob-connected friends. Yep, I've delved into "Agnes and the Hitman" for my next read. I'm not quite finished, but I can tell you I will be looking for more books by the Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer writing team. Fun, quick, entertaining reads with snappy dialogue and a breakneck pace.

Up today is a meeting at the Library with the director about all things related to the Friends and the next two years as I steer the 'ship.'

I also need to finish making my Costco list as that is my destination for Friday. Winter Fest dance is Friday night for the girls, so I will need to pick up a few of the Costco take and bake pizzas.

Last night was a normal night for us...running the girls to and fro across town for soccer. It has been almost a month since we had soccer at night, and I think we were all feeling 'it' by the end of the evening.

Happy Thursday.

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