Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Tudors

I just finished another novel set during England's Tudor era. Boy, those Tudors, quite the fodder for books. This novel, "The Pleasure Palace" is the first in a planned series called "Secrets of the Tudor Court" and was written by Kate Emerson. When I looked at the publication page, I noticed the copyright was given to Kathy Lynn Emerson. I've read books by Kathy Lynn before and quite enjoyed her mystery series featuring Susanna, Lady Appleton. That series was also set during the Tudor era and featured Elizabeth I.

So, Emerson is using a different name and reinventing herself as a writer for this new endeavor. Huh. I did know the Lady Appleton series began with one publisher and then finished with another. Not sure why the name change as it seems Emerson is quite established as a writer who does a good job with that period of history.

This was a good read. Jane Popyncourt is not an amateur sleuth like Lady Susanna, but she does have a mystery to solve. Who is she? Why did her mother flee France for England? Why was she taken into Henry VII's household immediately upon their arrival in England?

Books about children born on the wrong side of the royal sheets aren't uncommon, but Emerson does have a very deft hand with making history come to life and creating sympathetic heroines.

I'd read the next one if I found it at our bookstore or in the library..."Between Two Queens" is the upcoming book's title according the cover of the current novel.

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