Friday, August 31, 2007

weekly recap

The last day of August has arrived...let's all give a cheer. I'm glad to see the month end as I'm more than ready for fall to begin. Here are a few of the highlights from my week....

It RAINED. I can't tell you how psychologically uplifting that early evening shower was. It just about ranked right up there with getting a one hour Swedish massage at a five star spa.

Watched the finale of Jekyll. I'm so hooked on BBC America:) Boy, that show sucked me in and I'm still shaking my head at the clever twist at the end. Threw me for a loop.

I didn't write any fiction. Now, I said I wasn't going to, so I'm fine with this.

I met with my book store 'brains' and we revamped the policy/procedures manual.

I'm starting to figure out this damn cash register. Figured that was a better choice than tossing it out the kitchen window as I was inclined to do earlier this week.

Managed to get the kiddoes to all their 'stuff' and not resort to eating out. Yes, I cooked all week. I'm most likely going to become the crock pot queen this fall. Got any good slow cooker recipes?

Read a book and started another.

Up for today, make the changes to the book store stuff, make cheat sheets for the register.

Have a relaxing Labor Day weekend:)


Dwight's Writing Manifesto said...

One of these days I hope you'll thumbnail out an explanation of "Bookstore" and another one for "Library."

Apparently I missed the origins of these reoccuring themes in your blog.

Are you starting a bookstore? Or is this some function of selling off books for the library?

Liz said...

Here is a short recap of my semi 'professional' life involving the library.

I was hired back in January 2005 to be the YA library associate for our local library. I do not have my MLS, but because of my total library geekiness, I got the job. I worked there for two years and finally had to quit in January 2007. The constant juggling between my hubby's career and the kids' activities killed my return to the workforce. When the hubby forgot to pick up a kid from soccer because he didn't know what day of the week it was, something had to give.

One of my jobs at the library was public relations. In that realm I became friends with the ladies who are members of the Friends of the Library. They are our volunteer/fundraising support group.

When the president learned I was leaving my paid job, she about broke my arm to get me to take on managing their new used book store. The Friends run huge book sales twice a year. Now, they will have a book store as well. All funds are given back to the library and all materials sold are donated from the community.

So, as the staff says, I still work at the library, now I just don't get paid for it. But, I also get to pick my own hours and I can say "no" when asked to do something.