Thursday, August 16, 2007


It isn't much earlier than when I usually get up, but the paper isn't here yet and the coffee maker is still brewing. Please forgive any odd ramblings this morning....I'm writing without that first jolt of hot java.

I finished everything I needed to yesterday for the Friends. Yeah. Today is a clean slate and I have Maddy in my sights. No plans to leave the house until tonight when I get to go to the youngest kid's back to school meeting.

With a bit of effort I should be able to complete this current round of revisions....and finish removing the one character I'd targeted as a nonstarter. Then it will be time to assess the damages and see where I need to start working next. My best guess is the few plot threads that are dangling will need attention. I'd really hoped to have this piece polished before the bookstore opens, but I'm not sure if that timeline will still work. Right now I just don't have a good feel for what needs to be done. I should have a better idea after working a few hours in that WIP.

I also need to start thinking synopsis. Ugh. The hook/query is pretty well set.

Then for fun, as a special treat, I may even open Lani and see about her and that story. Or I could open the Maddy short story I worked on....many possibilities....

However, I need coffee, life is just a bit too blurry right now.

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