Sunday, August 19, 2007


Back when I first started ordering books for the library's YA collection, I ordered a few copies of "Twilight" more for myself than potential readers. I wasn't quite sure how many YA vampire fans I had in my patron group. Needless to say, finding any of her books on the library shelf is a rare moment. She is extremely popular.

"Eclipse" is the third book in the Bella-Edward saga. Meyer has a real talent for creating emotional moments and for capturing the heart pounding, mind numbing obsession of teenage love. "Eclipse" isn't as action filled as the first two books, but this isn't a slow read. The real focus of this story is Bella's examination of her relationships with Edward and Jacob. This is a more mature book. Love does involve choices and Meyer spins a story about the cost of love, the repercussions from making choices and the realization that even with good intentions, we can hurt those we love.

Now, that being said, I think Bella plays a far more passive role in this book than in the other two. She seems very comfortable at times, perhaps too comfortable, letting the boys make decisions for her. Quite a bit of emotional manipulation going on....and that bothered me.


A Paperback Writer said...

Hey, thanks tons for dropping over to my blog and leaving some great thoughts about this book. You might be interested in another comment, by Alternatefish, who also dropped by with her thoughts.
I'm off to read more of your blog now.

Liz said...

Thank you for stopping by to visit....admire you for teaching middle school. Anytime you want to talk YA books...stop in. Even though I'm no longer manning the YA ref desk at our local library, I've developed an affinity for those books and enjoy chatting about them.

A Paperback Writer said...

Good. Can you think of any good books for 7th graders about other cultures? I'm teaching 7th grade English after a decade of teaching other stuff, and I'm revamping my reading lists. I have plenty of book choices in most genres, but I'd like to have them spend one chunk of time reading about cultures different from what they normally see (Caucasian, Hispanic, Pacific Islander). So far all I can come up with is Celia Rees's Pirates (Jamaica), Kate Seredy's The Good Master (Hungary), and the very recent Shalamar Code by Mary Louise Clifford (Pakistan). Can you think of one or two others? Something set in the Orient or the Inuits of Canada or perhaps Aborigines or Mauris? No Hollocaust stuff -- got tons and it's all for 8th grade. I'd LOVE a few suggestions.

Liz said...


Blood Red Horse by KM Grant, crusades, set in England and Holy Land.

Orphan of the Sun by G. Harvey, ancient Egypt

The Blood Stone, J. Gavin, 17th cent Venice with trip to India and Afganistan

Viking Warrior, J. Roberts, Vikings

Wind Rider, S. Williams, 4000BC saga

Koyal dark mango Sweet, Sheth, modern India (haven't read this one)

Books by Louise Erdrich, Ojibwe culture.

That should get you started....does your library subscribe to any reader advisory databases? They are extremely helpful in locating these types of books. Hope these titles help...I've read all but the one I noted. Good reads and recent books.

Liz said...

Books on Asia:
Authors: Sook Nyul Choi, Dorothy Hoobler, Geraldine McCaughrean (The Kite Rider), Katherine Peterson, Diane L. Wilson (I rode a horse of milk white jade)

Africa: Nancy Farmer (A girl named disaster)

I culled these from Novelist K-8, if you can access that database, do NOW. They have lists of books sorted by cultures....all reviewed and vetted by YA/childrens librarians.

A Paperback Writer said...

Thanks TONS!