Monday, August 20, 2007

too short

Why is it that after school starts the weekends pass by in a blink? Other than meeting up with Kaycee on Sunday and doing our regular eat, chat, bitch and buy books visit, I can't recall what else I did! Sad. Thanks, Kaycee for reading the short story and pointing out the flaws in the ending...I may fix those yet today.

Okay, I did read Eclipse. That took up most of my Saturday. I bought the latest Kat Richardson book yesterday and started it. I didn't work on any of my writing. I never seem to on the weekends. With the hubby and the kids around, no way to sneak off and focus on the WIPs.

Today I'm headed to the doc with the youngest. Just the annual visit, hope to be in and out of there in a reasonable amount of time. I think we have our weekly schedule set now that the music teacher called with the oldest kid's lesson time. I'll be living in the old Odyssey again....I really need to invest in a laptop. Just think of all the writing I could do at the soccer fields!


kaycee said...

Yeah but if you are like me, you worry about dropping it, or it getting jarred from someone bumping it, or dirt getting in it, or.... any other reasons, so you just leave it at home. I am the worst. The only time I take it out is on trips in the car, and then I am afraid to leave it in the car. Either fear of theft, heat, cold or other.. sigh. I am really full o' fear.

Liz said...

Good Lord, I never thought about that! Heck, you are so right, I would for sure end of losing the darn thing.