Tuesday, August 28, 2007

random thoughts

Hubby and I are back to our morning walks. The humidity this morning made it feel like we were walking in water...I tell him I regularly walk on water:)

Okay, so I'm at the soccer field watching the oldest at her keeper clinic. I watch and then read and continue on back and forth for the 90 minutes. The current 'haul around' book is Cleo Coyle's "On What Grounds." The story revolves around a coffee house in the Village and our heroine gets caught up in solving a mystery. Cute story, love the coffee tips, heroine has spunk to spare. I have to admit, I've read the ending first...I like to know who did it and see how the writer gets us there. The villain/evil doer just now made an appearance and I probably have less than 75 pages to go.

Why does this bother me? Does it bother anyone else? I feel like the writer says, "oops, I forgot to have our brave heroine interact with the bad dude...better stick him in a scene or two."

On the bookstore front.....I took the cash register out of the box and started to figure it out. Good Lord, I think I need a remedial course in something. Reading that manual is like trying to read Chinese. I was about ready to toss the thing out the kitchen window. Needless to say, I plowed on and came to the conclusion that my meeting Thursday will involve making some decisions about just how 'in depth' we want to make our cash handling procedures. Do I really need 45 clerks? Do I really need 100 departments? The hubby, tech dude that he is, came up with some solutions for me. Now, whether or not I can sell this to the ladies is a whole other matter. Keep some fingers and toes crossed for me, would you??


kaycee said...

Good for you on the walking... i am soooo gonna hit the treadmill soon as it gets below 90!!

I crossed into the 60 thou word mark on BA last night... woopee!

Liz said...

You go girl:) Send me some BA to read....I've always got time for Shan and Dwayne:)

kaycee said...

yay! i will do!