Thursday, August 30, 2007

thursday review

I finished my haul around town book yesterday as I waited for the oldest to finish her music lesson. Cleo Coyle's "On What Grounds" is the first book in her coffeehouse mystery series. I really enjoyed this book. The pacing was quick. I loved the fact our sleuth was a 40 year old. Plus I learned all sorts of neat facts about coffee. I'm still a bit perturbed that the villain didn't make his appearance until so late in the story and then the final big confrontation took place after a smaller conflict scene. I also am undecided on the way the book ended....the last chapter wrapped everything up in close to a bulleted list. I'd read the rest of the series, but I would most likely borrow the books.

Up next, Cinda Chima's YA book "The Wizard Heir" far seems to be a stand alone sequel to "The Warrior Heir."

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