Wednesday, August 1, 2007

too hot to trot

The heat descended yesterday like a wool blanket. Stifling. Itchy. Damn uncomfortable.

As I write in what I call an attic and local builders call the bonus room, my creative activities came to a crashing halt yesterday about 2:00. Call me a wimp, but when the a/c can't keep up, it is time to step away from the computer and go downstairs for an ice cold diet coke.

I did manage to finish the first draft of my short story. Not sure if it is strong enough to stand alone from my novel about the same character, but it was fun to write and came quick.

I didn't spend any time editing the book, so today I'm behind schedule. I need to sort through 60 pages before noon today. I have a Friends of the Library meeting at 1:00 and told the Library director I'd pop in early for a chat. Going to be an interesting meeting as we are voting on some issues pertaining to the book store. Need to put my game face on...and get ready to bite my tongue.


Dwight's Writing Manifesto said...

Bonus room. Gosh.

My bonus room is a dank corner of the basement.

Liz said...

I wish we had a basement!! I'd take it over this sauna any old day...I'm about to call it quits and it isn't even noon.