Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Poltergeist: a Greywalker novel

Bought Kat Richardson's latest in her Greywalker series while Kaycee and I were hanging out at B&N on Sunday. I finished the book this morning, but I have to tell you, it was a bit of a challenge. I'm bummed out about how this book read. I really wanted to learn more about Quinton and Carlos and it just wasn't to be. The good juicy tidbits I'd hoped for were nowhere to be found. The first half of the book explained loads of scientific experiment type details that really bogged me down. The last half read much faster as the action picked up. Overall, the book focused more on telling us than showing us. Lots of discussion time at the Danzingers...and even though I'm the mom of three, the little boy in the story was really starting to wear on my nerves.

I like the main character, Harper Blaine, but the story didn't have the 'pop' the first one served up. The world Richardson has created for Harper has tons of neat twists, turns and possibilities. I just wish she wasn't so stingy in letting us play in that world. Nothing spectacularly bad, but nothing to blow my socks off either.

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