Friday, August 24, 2007

friday recap

I'm stuffy and grumpy....not the best way to start a Friday. I forgot to down my Claritin last night and am paying through the nose for it right now.

So, what in the hell did I do this week besides the laundry? I do know I need to take stock in "Shout" because the soccer gear is incredibly dirty so far this season. My daughters seem to think rolling on the field is the best way to play their positions of goalie and forward. Soccer season starts next week and if the moaning and bitching my two did last night is any indicator, they are starting to gear up mentally for a rough season. Not good. Of course I told them to suck it up. I'm not a sympathetic parent when it comes to their athletic performances.

I read two books, Eclipse and Poltergeist.
I finished the third revision of MB and started the fourth.
I tinkered a bit with Lani.
I submitted a short story based on MB to two ezines.
Have been rejected by one ezine already.
Have tinkered with the short story again.
Looking for a few other ezines to sub to.
I read Kaycee's short story and provided my usual 'insightful' feedback. Ha.
I read all my blogs, like a good girl, and even managed to post replies on a few.
Went to two back to school nights at the middle school. Enjoyed the to love it when they tell jokes and are actually funny. The Algebra I teacher is a hoot. The reading teacher reminded me of myself after I down a pot of coffee....she bounced, no lack of enthusiasm there.

Today I'm off to the library for a bit to see the about the bookstore shelf installation. The hubby and I have dinner plans tonight with the neighbors and tomorrow with the library director and her hubby.

Good weekend to you.....


kaycee said...

whew, i am breathless after all that!

I have edited one through 30 of Marta's next book, written maybe 1000 on my WIP -- and nothing on the short.

But I can use the excuse that I had root canal done right?

Liz said...


Liz said...

Your tooth is better, right?