Monday, August 27, 2007

book store buzz

The big news for me this week is the book store. The shelves were installed on Thursday. I popped in on Saturday to check it out after I dropped middle child off at the movies. She raved about "Stardust" by the way. So, my new project, this volunteer run used book store is really starting to become a reality. I'm unpacking the cash register today and putting my old 'banking' skills to work and writing the 'how to' use it instructions. I've also got a meeting with the treasurer and the gal who runs our biannual used book sales to come up with our cash handling procedures. I'll be throwing myself into this project for the next month. I have six training sessions to facilitate for our 'staff' as well as working on the grand opening shindig with the Chamber of Commerce.

I don't plan on writing or editing or revising any fiction over the next thirty days. This may be a real good thing for me. I need to do some work that involves positive, concrete, measurable results. Working on this book store project will give me that.

So, look for updates on the birth of this new book store endeavor. I may also post some short book reviews. Don't expect any info on my writing. I'm setting down the 'pen' for a spell.


A Paperback Writer said...

interesting idea. Used books? for charity?
In Scotland, I actually used to go to a cafe (sometimes) where all the employees were volunteers. I don't know what the profits went to.

Liz said...

The used book store will be a way for our Friends of the Library to raise funds for collection and program development. Currently they hold two big sales a year. We usually make between 7-9K at each sale. All items sold have been donated from the community.

kaycee said...

i cannot wait to be able to shop there! i will miss you posting bits about your journey.
i am bak to the blog thang.
s and d says hi~!

Liz said...

Kaycee, tell S&D hi back for me...those two are always such a hoot. Don't worry about the journey thang. I'm just on a bit of a detour right now...think of it as I've taken the exit ramp to stop for a bite of lunch:) I'll be back on the road, again, soon enough. Probably with indigestion.