Tuesday, August 21, 2007

routinely scheduled

Off to curriculum night for the 7th grader this evening. Oh joy. Don't I get a pass since I had a 7th grader last year too? Have the objectives for 7th grade changed over the summer? Argh. Then I get to go Thursday night for the 8th grader, with an extra half hour devoted to hearing about the Algebra I program that kid is in. As long as they don't expect me to solve any algebraic equations, we're good. Any of my kids' math prowess came directly from the hubby. I was out reading a book when those genes were passed out.

Enough of my home life...well, in a way. I operate the household with a fairly tight schedule. Laundry and cleaning duties are set daily. I meal plan for the whole month. The kids have assigned chores to complete. To the casual observer, the operation has to look pretty smooth. My mother laughs, she knows I wasn't raised that way. I've fallen into this routine so I can carve out dedicated writing time. I feel guilty writing when I know I have house/family stuff to do. It is a juggling act most writers face, in one form or another.

My methodical nature seems to be sapping my creative side of late. Or, the whole revision process for Maddy Blue is doing it. New ideas seem to be rare as rain right now. My lawn is dying and the stories in my noggin are drying up. Maybe it is the heat and lack of precipitation. Why can't it just rain, damn it??


Dwight's Writing Manifesto said...

I'm pretty good with algebra and geometry and physics.

But last night Middle Daughter brought me a simple graphing word problem that proved intractable.

I SWEAR the question was flawed.

Middle daughter just rolled her eyes in typical "gee thanks for nothin'" fashion.

kaycee said...

I so hear you. I got up extra early today to work on BA and do a little editing. I reformatted the whole thing AGAIN, and now it is easier to line edit, since I have to go through and adjust sentences. I know I could probably do this through the magnificience of Word, but this way I am forced to read it. Sigh. It is pretty good, really. I am pleased. I just wish I could FINISH. Off to dentist in a few.. .dread this.

Liz said...

Dwight, the girls know better than to even bring their math books near me....any other subject, including science, I'm readily available to offer assistance.

Kaycee, Girl....open wide and say 'ahhhhhh.' Just think of all the eating you can do when that tooth is fixed!