Thursday, July 29, 2010

well...okay, then

I started reading the next Victorian Mystery title, but due to a variety of circumstances, I have yet to finish it.  I took the youngest to the doctor yesterday only to find out that the appointment was made for a different office location. Neither the nurse nor I asked, so we are both at fault on that one, but the receptionist was very kind and rescheduled him for today. Whew. 

I made a second trip to the grocery store and thought I got everything I forgot the day before, only to get home and realize I still failed to buy liquid dish soap, bathroom soap and coffee. Ugh. My list making talents seem to be on the fritz.

We came home and did a bit of housecleaning to prepare for Nana's arrival. Her plane was delayed leaving Detroit and what should have been a 5:20 arrival turned into a 9:07 arrival. Poor hubby, two airport runs this week and both involved major delays.

I did manage to successfully add a name to our mailing list account for the Friends and will have to check the list in depth soon to make sure it is truly up to date and current.

The girls are in need of a soccer break as bruises, aches and pains seem to have struck both of them. Good thing they can heal up over the next week.

Well...okay, then. That is more, no less.  We have arrived at Thursday more or less intact, even if things aren't humming along without any glitches.

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