Tuesday, July 6, 2010

watching paint dry

Yes, I'm watching the paint dry, or at least the first coat of paint on my laundry room.  Ugh. It really needed it, but this week's painting job just isn't as exciting as the one from last week.  Painting the pantry made me want to grocery shop and restock those clean shelves. I don't think a freshly painted laundry room is going to make me want to do more laundry, although that day is coming as the girls begin an intense soccer camp next week.

No reading yesterday. I gave my eyeballs the day off. They are getting a rest today too, but I hope to get them back in action on Wednesday.  Friends meeting that day and then the regular Thursday sorting and stocking is next.

Hope the rain comes they are predicting, because if it doesn't fall, I will have to haul the hose around and water my flowerbeds.

Back to the roller I go.

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