Wednesday, July 21, 2010

new read

Picked up the first in a new YA series by Holly Black the other day.  This one is called "White Cat" and the series is titled The Curseworkers.  I love the way Black does her world building.  I just started the novel, but can already tell I will be eager to read more in this series.  Black's world is ours, but with one major twist. Everyone wears gloves.  Hand to skin touch can result in a 'worker' laying a curse on you.  Pretty cool.

I made a quick trip to the library yesterday to return the Lee Child book and see if I could find the few Reacher novels I've missed reading.  Almost all of those books were checked out, and I've already read the ones left on the shelves.  So, I scanned the paperback mystery series shelves and came away with four books to read. Two are by Charlaine Harris and two by another author...the name is escaping me at the moment.  The Harris novels are from her Aurora Teagarden series and the other two books are Victorian mysteries.  Sort of in an amateur sleuthing mood I guess.

But today's big time sucker is going to be waiting on the dryer repairman to arrive. I was given a four hour window.  Meaning that from 8-12 I need to be home. Lovely. 

Later today is Anne's visitation. 

Yep, it is Wednesday.

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