Wednesday, July 28, 2010

death at bishop's keep

I finished the first book in a mystery series I discovered last week at the library.  "Death at Bishop's Keep" was written by Robin Paige. Paige is actually the husband and wife writing team of Susan Wittig Albert and Bill Albert.  This first installment in the Victorian Mystery series was originally published in 2004. This is a nice book.  Interesting characters and a solid who done it plot combine to make an easy and enjoyable read.  The series seems to be a bit of a poster child for the cozy-mystery genre.  Nice book, sort of like comfort food for the mind.

Cloudy skies to start the day. We have a bit of cleaning to do, a doctor appointment to keep and some chili to throw together in the crock-pot.

Mid week is here...and I can feel the momentum gathering for that rapid slide into the new school year.



Kim Smith said...

i love the new blog look!!

Liz said...

Yup, me too. Enjoying the blue:)