Monday, July 26, 2010

dog days

It has been hotter than hot this past week and it seems these wicked temps are going to continue for a while. I had high hopes the storm in the gulf would bring us not only some water, but some relief from the heat. It doesn't appear that will happen.

Last week was emotionally draining and I just couldn't gather my thoughts in order to write a blog entry.  I stayed busy, but not with anything important. I basically just puttered around and let time pass.

Now it is Monday and in two weeks my three kiddoes will head off into the new school year.  This summer has been a strange one. It hasn't been relaxing. I don't feel recharged or rested.  Too much going on and with Anne's death, a note of sadness will tinge my memories of this particular summer break.

I've started to read a mystery series by Susan Wittig Albert and her husband. It is set in Victorian times and features an American female penny dreadful author/amateur sleuth. So far it is light and entertaining. 

I have some Friends business I've been putting off and need to tackle today. Ugh. And I need to tackle the back to school supply lists and see what we need to purchase for the kids.

The dog days of summer are upon us.

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