Friday, July 2, 2010

expect delays

It seems that anytime you have anything done on any type of equipment or thing that you own, you should expect a problem.  Our new roof looks wonderful, but the gutters in the back needed one extra downspout to drain properly. The downspout was installed, and the worker gone before I could even check on what he'd done. Of course it isn't right.....and will require another phone call and another 'fix'.  Yesterday I called the nursery that installed a redbud tree in my yard in March of 2009, well actually they installed the first redbud tree. I'm now on tree number 3, which is now dying too.  First it was too much rain, next it was too much rain, now it is too much rain followed by not enough rain and blistering temps/wind.  The owner agreed, tree number 4 will be planted in late October and will not be a redbud.  He admitted the redbuds, of late, are only have a 30% success rate. Oh, geez, love those odds.  I also commented on how the hole was never enlarged and the soil was never amended...hmmm, could be an issue when you are planting in clay.

We are also having a small issue with the new to us used car we purchased as our third vehicle. Lovely.

UGHHHHHH.  The month of the hassle. 

In better news, I picked up two books while at the library yesterday. I brought home The Passage by Justin Cronin and Bullet by Laurell K Hamilton. Almost done with Bullet and then I will dive into the massive novel that is The Passage. Can't wait!!  I've heard so  many good things about that book and I'm ready to see for myself just how true those reviews may be.

Happy Friday, Happy Independence Day weekend.

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