Wednesday, July 14, 2010

wah, wah, wah

Had another soccer meeting last night, but this time it was for the club team that gets underway after the high school season ends.  Met the new coach, saw some new faces and missed the faces of players/parents who weren't invited back.  I've had quite enough of the soccer drama for this week.

I began reading the Ann Brashares book. Good stuff.  The theme isn't unique, reincarnated soul mates, but Brashares has some powerful writing in this novel. Painful and raw but not maudlin or cliched.  I hope to finish the book today.  I have a few more library books to plow through before I can read the latest Janet Evanovich-Stephanie Plum novel. I borrowed it from our Friends' treasurer.

Mid week is here.....happy Wednesday.

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