Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Now that my girls have a vehicle to call their own, they've been slowly asking permission to go out and do things. Yesterday was the first request to drive to the mall for some window shopping. I agreed and away they went.  I didn't even ask for the 'let me know you've arrived safely' phone call! I am getting better.

I did get a phone call about two hours after they departed from my younger daughter. They were in B&N. Yep, the bookstore made the short list of places they visited. That alone made me happy.  She was calling so I could go online and check the library's catalog to see if they had book 8 in the Pretty Little Liars series. I logged in, saw that they did and told her we could place it on hold for her as it was currently checked out. A few clicks later and that mission was accomplished.  She was pleased and glad she didn't have to part with $15 to satisfy her reading addiction.

They made it to and from the mall in good shape and had a nice afternoon.  I lounged on the couch after finishing my painting chores.  I don't feel too awful this morning even though I had to contort myself quite a bit to paint around the dryer. I didn't want to have to disconnect that appliance as it is taped to the duct work and requires quite a bit of effort to move.

The room looks nice and now that it is truly dry, I only see a few spots that I missed covering with the second coat.  Easy to correct when I get the paint back out next week so I can tackle the linen closet in the girls' bath as well as the foyer closet.

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