Monday, July 12, 2010

fiendish vamps

Not all vampires in YA novels are sparkly and misunderstood. Sometimes they are fiendish, evil and enjoy draining humans.  Cynthia Leitich Smith's latest vampire story, "Eternal," includes a guardian angel and explores the idea of redemption.  Smith doesn't glorify vampires or even angels in this novel, but she does create a world infused with dark humor, razor sharp wit and hero/fiends you can cheer.

Rainy start to the week and although we so needed the water, the weather has already impacted the start of soccer camp for the girls. They left to attend breakfast with the team and pick up their practice gear with the intention of working out after. They are back home already with instructions to check the website at 3:00 for updates regarding tonight's session.

Oh well!  Looks like a good day for them to do some reading. Maybe me too....up next is Ann Brashare's latest, "My Name is Memory."

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