Friday, July 13, 2007

weekly recap

Hey, a good week is ending today. But, I'm having a real hard time accepting that summer is winding down. The kids head back to school so darn early, I feel like we've just settled into the summer groove and it is time to think about back to school sales and purchases.

Hit page 100 on my first round of revisions. Deleted a character in these revisions. Like it better now, and in doing so I've added conflict :0

Took the oldest out to practice kicking, we both got a work out.

Read this week, I think three books, if my memory is working. The latest was a historical fiction YA novel called "Moon Riders." Combined the Amazon legends with the downfall of Troy. Good stuff.

Today I've got a lunch date with my old boss, a dinner date with the hubby and some shopping to do in between. Sunday will bring our trip to the theater for Harry Potter...yeah!

Have a super weekend.

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