Tuesday, July 3, 2007

more, please

While I was out Saturday I picked up "Greywalker" by Kat Richardson. I'd read about the book a while back on Charlaine Harris' Book and Blog page. Richardson and Harris along with Tanya Huff are represented by the Jabberwocky Agency.

The cover blurbs Huff and Harris provided hit the mark. This is a good read. I'd say it was a great read, but I felt at times if the author skimmed over a few opportunities to give us more information on her characters. I'm sure the following books will solve that issue.

The basic plot is Harper Blaine winds up dead for two minutes after a brutal attack. She is brought back to life and now has the ability to bridge the gap between our reality and the "Grey." The Grey is the in between place that spirits reside in, as well as vampires to some extent. The story has a few subplots that Richardson manages to tie together in quite a satisfying package.

I'm looking forward to the next book in this series and to learning more about the characters. I'd especially like to learn more about Quinton... I sense a werewolf, perhaps?

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