Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Over and over writers hear agents and editors encouraging a strong voice or unique voice. My writing buddy K. just posted on one of her blogs how she wishes she had a more lyrical voice. She doesn't feel her writing has the right stuff when it comes to description.

After I read certain authors, I too wish my writing soared. I want my prose to be almost poem like in how it evokes emotion. This goes beyond vocabulary and diction. For me, this is how the words are strung together and it deals with timing.

It just isn't me. I'm as earthbound as they come. I think we all get the 'grass is greener' attitude at times. Part of being human I guess.

Speaking of voice, I read another YA book yesterday. Check out Martine Leavitt's "Keturah and Lord Death." Awesome book for readers of all ages. This is a classic fairytale told in a lyrical voice, but the author moves between the real and the supernatural with such ease. When I finished I knew why the piece was nominated for a national book award. Excellent writing and a captivating story.

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