Friday, July 27, 2007

friday recap

When you return from vacation in the middle of the week, the remaining few days are totally whacked.

The daily highs for the past week: went to Magic Springs/Crystal Falls and rode way too many roller coasters but recovered in their incredible wave pool and lazy river. Drove home, but on the way stopped at Petit Jean state park, awesome place. Read Harry Potter #7. Hurriedly did laundry and stocked the pantry because my fave uncle arrived on his return trip to New Mexico. Visited with said uncle and treated him to a great Chinese dinner. Today my uncle starts for home and I'm heading out with the offspring for a round of back to school shopping.

Up for the weekend, meet with crit/writing buddy on Sunday.

Goal for next week, revise the next 150 on Maddy Blue, write first draft of one short story rattling in my wee head and start to work on the book store stuff I've put off for the past two weeks.

Ambition, thy name is Liz.


Dwight's Writing Manifesto said...

You go, gurl.

One of these days you'll have to tell us a little more about your crit partner.

Being as I'm pretending to write a book on the crit experience, I'd love to pick your brain about what works and what does not.

Liz said...

My crit buddy has a blogger account, you can access her page via my 'blogs I read.' She's "writing space" on that list.

We've known each other for four years now and met through our local RWA chapter. We both moved on from that group, but stayed buddies.

We meet about once a month in person and email and blog the rest of the time.

I'd say our crit relationship is centered around being a sounding board for each other. We don't do line edits often and try to stay focused on the big picture. How is the plot going, are the characters doing anything out of character...that sort of stuff.

It works for us.