Monday, July 30, 2007

light bulbs

Thanks to Oprah, when the light bulb goes off for you, we now call that instant an 'ah-ha' moment. Yesterday I spent a nice time visiting with my writing buddy Kaycee and we discussed how over the past week we both had ah-ha moments. Kaycee has a dear friend in the trauma unit of a local hospital due to a motorcycle accident and another friend just told her she suffered a heart attack last week. For me, I learned that my grandfather, after being dumped by my grandmother prior to their eventual marriage, once attempted suicide.

That knowledge about my grandfather, who I never knew that well, gave me great pause. If but for a few inches, I wouldn't be here. My kids wouldn't be here. Makes you wonder if there isn't a big plan that caused him to miss. A reason for him to survive and pass those genes on down through time.

I've got a lot to do this week due to the slacker attitude I've had towards my writing over the past month. Better get moving.

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