Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Yeah, I just finished a spastic round of editing. I managed to get a chapter done before the haul across town for the music lesson. Then after we got home, I finished another chapter. Keep going you say....well I would except for one very small problem. You see, while I was searching my nightstand, yes the one with the book pile, I found yet another paper back that I'd been meaning to read. Someone, I think it was my darling read-a-holic mother, gave me Lee Child's "Killing Floor."

I've never read Lee Child's stuff...but my gosh, what a nice author photo on the back cover:) Anyway, I'm hooked and am now headed downstairs to immerse myself in Jack Reacher's world. Can I just say, I now understand why Miss Snark waxed poetic about this writer and his character. Wowsa.

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