Monday, July 16, 2007


Before we headed out for the movies yesterday, I finished reading Michelle Moran's debut novel, "Nefertiti." Yes, I'm an extremely quick reader for those of you who read my earlier post and know I picked it up Friday. I also didn't do much this weekend:)
Okay, so we all know who Nefertiti is. I mean, who hasn't seen the incredible bust of this famous queen?? The magic in what Moran has done lies in how she not only brings Nefertiti to life, but in how she tells this story through the queen's half sister's POV. I LOVE historical fiction told in first person and Moran nails it. This book is loaded with accurate historical details, plenty of political intrigue and a spot on portrayal of how religion can be used by the powerful for so many earthly pursuits.
The stand-alone sequel comes out July 2008. Count me in! If you're looking to move beyond the Tudors of England, who seem to dominate historical fiction land right now, travel back to ancient Egypt and enjoy Moran's take on dynastic politics.

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