Monday, March 31, 2014

finishing up

The weekend was devoted to finishing some things up and getting some things started. Yep. Regular weekend! The hubby was invited to attend the NCAA regional final, so he went and watched Florida beat Dayton. The boy and I had a feast (his words, not mine) and watched "Frozen." We both loved it. A few too  many songs for my liking, but a nice story and how fun to see the main plot be between two sisters?! Then he went  off to do his thing and I watched "The Mortal Instruments..City of Bones." This is based on the YA book series by Cassandra Clare. It was better than I expected and I may get on the waiting list for the books, or see if I can borrow them from the neighbor.

I finished reading Veronica Roth's "Divergent." Another first in a series. More on that later. I also bought and downloaded the 9th After Cilmeri book by Sarah Woodbury. I really enjoy this self pubbed series.

The hubby and I let the ground dry out a bit after the deluge we had Friday and Saturday. We didn't start weeding flower beds until Sunday. The back beds are done and the holly shrubs have been given a haircut as well as the Bartlett pear. I'm going to try and work on the front beds after work today and tomorrow as the rain moves back in on Wednesday. We've decided to cut down the crape myrtles in those front beds. They are huge and a pain in the butt. So, out they come. He got a new chain for the chainsaw and will take care of that soon.

I'm thinking of putting some sort of azalea in their place.

The oldest is back at school and ready to rock the last month of classes. The middle daughter interviews TODAY for the London program. Good thoughts heading her way!!

So, that is it! In retrospect, I guess we started more than we finished!  Happy Monday!


Lisa Shafer said...

How funny that you'd mention Frozen when I was pondering doing a post on that movie vs. Brave! (But it won't be today, as my mom's going in for surgery, and I won't have time.)

Liz said...
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Liz said...

I loved Brave! For me, it is the better of the two movies, but the sisterhood thing was nice to see in Frozen.

Liz said...

And, hope your Mom does well with her surgery!!

Kim Smith said...

Frozen is on my list to see. I am way behind on books and movies sigh.

Lisa Shafer said...

Mom is doing quite well, thanks, but I had to spend all day running her and Dad to appointments. Maybe I'll get to that Brave vs. Frozen post tomorrow!