Thursday, March 6, 2014


I had quite a few chores to do when I arrived home from work yesterday. Paperwork chores. Ugh. I needed to register the boy for his second ACT test. He took the exam the first time in middle school as part of a Duke University program. Now, he needs to start taking it for real. He is signed up for the test and it was nice to learn that the June exam is now offered at our high school.

I also had to complete the preregistration packet for our new school district. They are trying to get a handle on just how many kids are going to be filling those seats come August. The problem is that when we were under the county wide system, we had students who live in our zip code attend school in a neighboring town. Those students will now come back to the new muni district. Unless they want to try and stay with their old school, which is in a different muni district. Confusing? You bet. It is a hot mess for those parents who are trying to decide what to do. I'm very glad we are not in that situation.

I have confidence in our superintendent and the school board to do the right thing. They are already on track by voting not to charge tuition to "in county but out of town" students. The neighboring town is charging $200 a kid or $500 a family. A policy that their superintendent and school board president did not endorse or support. They have a divided board and are not helping matters when it comes to the students who live in our town but have started middle and high school in their town. They won't 'negotiate' with our board. Lovely.

Of course the parents involved want someone to act. Make a decision. Clarify things. Patience is running low. And this is just the beginning.

Well, it is Thursday already! Yeah! We are on a mission to eat better at home and at agreement made with the folks at both places. No more junk food runs, M&M stashes, or cookie binges at the office. Smaller portions and better stuff at home. I made mashed, twice baked, cauliflower last night to go with our fish. Tasty. Even the boy liked it!

Enjoy the day and the weekend.

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