Thursday, March 27, 2014


A gal who owns a local business received a very unorthodox job application yesterday. This was sent to her via an online application/email and opened with "Hire me bitch."

How's that for an opening line? It continues with a "Yo..." and then a list of his qualifications. He then apologizes for the crude opening and states that he wanted to stand out.

He did. She called him. And while she owns the business, she doesn't do the hiring; she leaves that to her manager. She spoke with the young man and shared his story on Facebook. 

It has prompted several comments and replies from the folks in our tiny town. Seems like the sort of story that might go national if it falls into the right hands.

And that is what is happening in my neck of the woods.

Happy darling daughter and her buddy head east tomorrow to visit the other college girl for the weekend before they head back to school. The final  push is about to begin. The race to final exams is on.

They will be back home for the summer before I know it! And, some exciting news...the middle kid made the first round of cuts for the Global Leadership Scholars program and will interview for a spot in the London program. Wow. We are so excited for her and are hoping for the best.

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