Tuesday, March 11, 2014

spring break

Our month of spring break has started. The boy is on break this week. The middle kid arrives home Friday for her break and a week after that, the oldest will be back home for her break. No trips planned. Just a real staycation for them.

I am taking one day off, my birthday. Other than that, I will be working through the rest of the month.

We are hoping to spend a few days away from home after everyone is out of school. The ladies will finish early in the month, but the boy won't be done until the end of May. Our destination is undetermined as of yet, but I'm thinking a trip to New Orleans might be neat. We can also see some of the hubby's Louisiana family and perhaps make a swing through Florida to see my folks!

Sound good, Mom? lol

I've wanted to go to NOLA for a very long time, and with the announcement yesterday about the new Lestat book, the urge to visit the place that Anne Rice writes about, is pretty strong. Some beignets, some etoufee, sounds lovely.....

So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we can make it happen.

Enjoy Tuesday!

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