Wednesday, March 26, 2014

midweek freeze

When I let Duke out to get the paper, couldn't help but notice that it is freezing cold outside again. The cars are frosted over and the lawn looks more white than brown. Ugh. I know that some places had snow yesterday.

I think everyone is more than ready for warm days. We are tired of shivering. Brrrrr.

Had a fun lunch yesterday with the ladies and my friends from work. They went shopping after we ate and found some deals out at the mall. I made beef stew for dinner. The registration at the high school was painless. They were very organized.

On the work front, we are having a meeting tomorrow with a new graphic designer. She is a freelancer. We hired her to revamp our bookstore catalog and are thinking of bringing her on board to revamp our preliminary and final programs for the national meeting. That will be a big project. It would be nice to have someone local to rely on for things that we can't do in house.

The next issue of the magazine is heating up; time to start emailing authors and getting back on their radar.

Other than that.....not much to report!

Happy Wednesday!

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