Monday, March 24, 2014

final week of spring break

The oldest, plus her friend, are home and enjoying spring break week. It is the final week for us as the middle child has went back to school and the youngest has now been back for two weeks. We are speeding towards April and then the girls will be home the beginning of May for the summer.

I had a lovely day off from work on Friday. Enjoyed a nice lunch with a friend and did some things around the house. Perfect. The weekend was great. Really nice day on Saturday for strolling around the Square and doing a little shopping. Cooled off a bit yesterday, but still sunny and bright.

We've been watching a bit of the basketball tournament and I'm anxious to see my bracket once I get to work. I coordinated the brackets last year, but one of the IT guys did it this year and it is all online. I forgot to print a copy or bring home the login info to check it, so I'm not quite sure how I'm doing!

Should be a fairly quiet work week. I think the girls will come for lunch one day and then they are heading back towards campus on Friday with a detour to visit the middle one.

Happy Monday!

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