Tuesday, March 4, 2014

day of fun

I had a very fun day yesterday. Winter Storm Titan moved through our region leaving some nasty ice/sleet/snow. Schools closed and a fair number of businesses closed, mine included. So, I had a snow day on Monday! I was able to clean, get groceries, and talk with my friend for 90 minutes.

It was wonderful.

We spent Saturday in the car going down and back to Ttown. We took the oldest out to lunch for her birthday. It was nice to have 7 hours to chat with the hubby, but nothing got accomplished on the home front and Sunday went by without much being done.

I also read a good deal yesterday and got caught up on the TV shows I had missed. I really need to think about paring down the series I am invested in right now. I rarely watch network TV, but I am hooked on the seasonal series that HBO and some of the other channels offer.

Okay, so off to work I go on this Fat Tuesday. Have to think of something fun to do today before Lent begins. We will need to have a treat of some sort. Maybe a Target run at lunch!


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