Wednesday, March 5, 2014

day three

Our school system is having their third snow day this week. Yep. When you have a system that encompasses the entire county, and you have a huge metro section surrounded by rural farmland, this is what you get. The country roads are still icy and the city roads are clear. It is not an option to close the outlying schools and have the rest attend. There are folks in the northeast part of the county that are still without power. My hubby's partner came over yesterday to get our generator. They haven't had power since Sunday night.

The boy is home, yet again. He is making good use of his time and reading the driver's manual. It is permit time. Oi Vey.

Everyone was so thankful yesterday for the three day weekend. Got to love a short week. We had our Fat Tuesday celebration at work. We ate up whatever candy, chocolate, treats that were around. All gone now!
I stopped an got cupcakes for dessert and indulged. I had half a lemon drop one and a whole old fashioned coconut one. Delish. The boy had an oreo cupcake and the hubby had a taste of the chocolate cheesecake cupcake.

Lent starts today. Forty days.

Happy Ash Wednesday!

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